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Starter Package

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List of All Included Tools (1 Full Year Access)

  • Notion Customized Project Template
  • 3 x Ai Copywriter (You will Choose 1): Marketing Ai Copywriter for Ads, Website Copy, Blog Intro and Outlines, and much more.
  • Amazon Keyword Advantage: Quality Keyword driven Amazon Copywriting tool [3 Product Workspaces]
  • Uncharged: E-mail Marketing + Automation Software [2500 Subscriber].
  • Market Plan: Funnel Mapping & Team Collaboration Tool [1 Workspace for complete funnel mapping and tracking].
  • Reportz: Analytics Reporting Software [4 Dashboards with Unlimited data source widgets].
  • SE Ranking: SEO Software for auditing and analyzing websites and competitors.
  • Killer Player: Video Hosting and customizable Player for your videos.
  • Social Champ: Centralize your social media accounts. Plan and post from one place within the software.
  • Trust Mate: A tool that makes it easy to gather reviews from customers and showcase them on your site with different types of widgets.
  • Tru Conversion: Heat Maps, Funnel Tracking, Screen Recording (of users mouse on your site), Embed Surveys & Micro Surveys to your site, Fill-out Forms Performance Tracker.
  • Digital Business Planner Workbook: Plan your business from the start if you haven’t already.
  • Google Analytics alternative for people who are not certified with Google: This tool is much easier to use than GA and can get almost just as detailed.
  • Link Shortener & Remarketing Tool: Used for making customer-friendly links and tracking them also retargeting users who clicked the links.

*Note: All “Hours” are booked in either 1 or 2 Hour sessions

What do I get in each Package?

Every Package includes All Tools for 1 Full Year, starting after the Initial Setup/Guidance Sessions

Package 01 – Basic

  • 5 Hours total of Initial Setup Guidance (The First Week). [5Hours]
  • 1 Month (2 Hours per week) Consulting/Guidance Sessions. [8 Hours]
  • Grand Total: 1 Week (5 Hours) + 1 Month (8 Hours) = 13 HOURS TOTAL TIME within 1 MONTH & 1 WEEK of Consulting/Guidance and Initial Setup/Guidance.

$ 1,200.00 USD $ 799.00 USD

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Package 2: Plus

  • 10 Hours total of Initial Setup Guidance (First 2 Weeks). [10 Hours]
  • 3 Months (2 Hours per week) Consulting/Guidance Sessions. [24 Hours]
  • Grand Total: 2 Weeks (10 Hours) + 3 Months (24 Hours) = 34 HOURS TOTAL TIME within 3 MONTHS & 2 WEEKS of Consulting/Guidance and Initial Setup/Guidance.

$ 2,100.00 USD $ 1,999.00 USD

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Package 3: Premium

  • 20 Hours total of Initial Setup Guidance (First Month). [20 Hours]
  • 6 Months (2 Hours per week) Consulting/Guidance Sessions. [48 Hours]
  • Grand Total: 1 Month ( 20 Hours) + 6 Months (48 Hours) = 68 HOURS TOTAL TIME within 7 MONTHS of Consulting/Guidance and Initial Setup/Guidance.

$ 3,800.00 USD $ 2,799.00 USD

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