Workflow Automation Consulting

About the service

Automating workflow is an important step in improving operations. We’ll start by finding repetitive tasks that can be automated and represented visually. Flow diagrams are the best way to do this. They will help identify repetitive tasks and will give a better understanding of your workflow.

What results can I expect?

  • 2 Hours Consult: What, why, and how to improve on tasks you repeat throughout your business.
  • 3 Hours Consult: Same as 1H + Specific online tools and guidance within the tools recommended for you.
  • 5 Hours Consult: Same as 2H + Full Automated Workflow and set up of every tool recommended.

*Note: All “Hours” are booked in either 1 or 2 Hour sessions

What do I get in each Package?

Every Package includes All Tools for 1 Full Year, starting after the Initial Setup/Guidance Sessions

Package 01 – Basic

  • 2 Hours of Workflow Automation Consulting

$ 199.00 USD

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Package 2: Plus

  • 3 Hours of Workflow Automation Consulting

$ 299.00 USD

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Package 3: Premium

  • 5 Hours of Workflow Automation Consulting

$ 499.00 USD

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